Looking Around Corners in Pullman, IL

Looking around the corner of a building can reveal a lot. For this Pullman row house, it makes visible the contrast between the common brick (locally sourced and used for construction) and the facing brick (brought in from an out-of-state brick factory where consistency, size, and smoothness are better controlled). The more expensive houses have… Read More Looking Around Corners in Pullman, IL


Pullman at a Glance: National Parks in the 21st Century

When you think of National Parks, you probably think of parks like Yosemite or the Grand Canyon, both spacious parks of natural wonder that receive over 3 million visitors per year each (the Grand Canyon hosted nearly 5 million visitors in 2014!). In recent years, however, the Park Service has been garnering more Historical Parks, or parks… Read More Pullman at a Glance: National Parks in the 21st Century

Happy Earth Day!

In pondering and appreciating enjoying the outdoors today, I couldn’t help but think back to how nicely this Frank Lloyd Wright window framed the ravine beyond on the tour I took in Glencoe, Illinois, last week. Being green isn’t just about planting trees, historic preservation can be very environmentally friendly. You know what they say, the… Read More Happy Earth Day!

The Little House

The Edith Macefield House is in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, now surrounded by a giant commercial building and parking garage. It looks like it’s about to get squeezed out by giant buildings but it’s standing fast. It reminds me of the children’s book, The Little House. The Edith Macefield House is a holdout because its owner at… Read More The Little House

Brick By Brick

Brick buildings are still popular in many places. For example, their stately presence and warm red coloring almost expected at places like college campuses. Today, however, you can expect that these buildings are not structurally brick buildings. To build a building that is structurally brick not only requires exponentially more bricks, it also inhibits things like the design of… Read More Brick By Brick

What Do The Louvre and Fast Food Have in Common?

Everything has its history, including the roofline of your closest fast food restaurant. Fast food chain architecture seems to be streamlining now, cutting out decoration until nothing but minimalist blocks remain; walls transition seamlessly to windows, and corners are crisp and unadorned. Through the latter half of the twentieth century, however, fast-food joints followed a Neoeclectic craze that… Read More What Do The Louvre and Fast Food Have in Common?