FLW’s Samara Named a National Landmark

The Frank-Lloyd-Wright-designed “Samara” house just became Indiana’s 40th National Historic Landmark! I had the great honor of visiting Samara during the National Trust’s Conference in Indiana a year and a half ago. The warmth of the interior was made even greater by the rainy day and we got to see the FLW-designed rain water directors: they look like elaborate ornaments but they function by directing rainwater away from the house.

Designed for a professor, Samara also features a living room that can seat around 30 people as needed: tables convert into stools (check out the coffee table, below, which is made up of several triangular tables that can become chairs), and stools can be stacked to become taller tables or podiums.

Read more about the house and it’s recent nomination in the Indy Star.

IMG_2767 IMG_2766IMG_2779 IMG_2778


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