Streetcar Barn to Chocolate Factory

The Theo Chocolate Factory in Seattle’s Freemont neighborhood is in a beautiful old brick building, constructed in 1905. Theo was founded in this building on the building’s 100th birthday. What came before? This building housed a portion of Seattle’s electric trolleys in the era of streetcar suburbs (Fremont owes much of its growth to it’s time as a streetcar suburb for Seattle). In 1941 the streetcar era ended, many of the tracks being sold as scrap. In the latter part of the 20th century, this building was home to Red Hook Brewery. Today you can see the building when you visit Theo’s store or take a tour of tehe factory. One of my favorite attributes (besides the large windows that provide great natural lighting) is the brick detail: namely, the dentils that adorn the roofline on all four sides of the building.


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