Heart Bomb: Seattle


“When asked why they moved to [certain] areas, residents often talk about the desire to live somewhere distinctive, to be some place rather than no place.

– Stephanie Meeks (from her fantastic article on why historic districts are important).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Heart bombing started in Buffalo, New York, several years ago as a way for preservationists to draw attention and appreciation to threatened historic buildings. This year, Historic Seattle asked Seattleites to get out there and spread the love, heart bombing buildings that mean something to them. If you’ve been following my blog you’ll remember I wrote about Minoru Yamasaki’s architecture in Seattle (Indianapolis historic preservationist, Raina Regan, wrote about Yamasaki’s Irwin Library, here). So it should come as no surprise to you that I picked the stunning Pacific Science Center for my heart bomb focus (with a side course of Space Needle). I think you’ll see why.

Enjoy, and have a great Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend!

PSC context 4

PSC 2-2

PSC context 3

PSC 8-2

PSC context 2

PSC context 1

Space Needle 2

I was so lucky to have some help taking and editing these photos! Thanks Eric and Chad.


8 thoughts on “Heart Bomb: Seattle

  1. I was thinking of moving back to the Seattle area last year. I had lived there for a year after moving west with Alden Mason’s son. We married and moved to California, where, at the time, there were the most jobs for people in cultural resources management (his son is an archaeologist, and I was studying to be one). Unfortunately, we split up and I stayed in California . . . for far too long! I’m in Michigan now (where I’m from), and I happened to look at Washington State’s Dept of Archaeology and Historic Preservation today. And, I could just about cry over the quality of that site and the amount of work Washington State puts into its cultural resources compared to Michigan. Michigan is a scandal. The current pending legislation to gut historic districts might actually pass. It’s just ridiculous and sad, especially since a recovering Detroit is really utilizing historic districts to their benefit. (BTW, this is Vicki from PHAHPA.ORG – I need to separate my accounts here at WP, but thought I might not bother until I move PHAHPA to a new host.)


    1. I do love Seattle and can see why you’d want to move back! Also that’s surprising and disappointing about Michigan. I always assumed states farther east with more historic buildings to preserve would be better organized than the West! I hope things turn around out there.

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