Views of Oregon’s Vista House

The Vista House (1918), a rest stop and a memorial to the Oregon pioneers, opened just two years after the associated Columbia River Highway was completed. It sits atop Crown Point and offers stunning views to both the east and west along the Columbia River Gorge. Today, it is set apart from and above the busy interstate, but prior to the construction of I-84, the Vista House was a key fixture for gorge travelers.


You can still drive portions of the historic highway (others have been converted to bike paths) and get a glimpse into early 20th century gorge travel. The highway curves through dense woods and foliage, offering views across the Columbia River between the trees. Arching stone walls and whitewashed wood railings complete the scene on the historic highway. The Vista House, which sits out on the furthest promontory, offers unparalleled views before the highway winds down into the gorge.


Sources and further reading:

Read more about the history of the Vista House, here (and check out the displays on the lower level if you ever pay a visit!).

The Friends of the Vista House. Check out these historic photos of the Vista House!

Crown Point State Scenic Corridor is part of the Oregon State Parks system.

Want to know more about historic highways? I previously wrote about the Lincoln Highway, here.

Special thanks to Eric for shooting the distance shots of the Vista House.






13 thoughts on “Views of Oregon’s Vista House

  1. woooooow. What a building, what a place to put it.

    An old-roads forum I used to participate in had a fellow who retired to Oregon and explored the old roads there and posted photos (though none as spectacular as these in this post). Holy wow, what a wealth of old roads you have.


    1. Yes! A stunning building AND location! The old Columbia River Highway is definitely my favorite historic Oregon road. It’s so cool how much of it remains, since I-84 was mostly sited lower down in the gorge.


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