Front Doors of Fall

Now that October is in full swing and I’ve been admiring the decorated front porches around Chicago, I thought it would be fun to team up with Deb Cohen from the Front Door Project (check out her beautiful Instagram here) and feature some of her favorite front doors in Connecticut, a state that really knows how to do Fall right. I’m headed over to New England on a trip soon and am crossing my fingers that there’s still some fall color!


Cuilford, Connecticut. This portico is stunning. I’m also all about the multi-colored pumpkins.


West Hartford, Connecticut. No matter how big the house is, a rounded front door always says “cottage” to me. I also cannot turn down some decor that uses the architecture–those gaps in the woodwork above the door were clearly designed for mini pumpkins.


Waterbury, Connecticut. Celebrating the last of the flowers and nice weather (our days are numbered!).


South Windsor, Connecticut. I have to say, I have not seen a lot of beautiful but unused doors (perhaps more common on the east coast). If you have one, well of course you have to decorate it!

Farmington CT-07 cropped

Farmington, Connecticut. This door is a beauty and the mismatched pumpkins are perfect. Polished off with mums, the fall classic.

Do you have a favorite front door?

Open House Chicago

If you’re in the Chicago you likely know that Open House Chicago was this weekend! I spent the whole weekend running around the city, despite pouring rain on Saturday. I teamed up with and sampled their self-guided tour on Saturday–check out my pictures here! I also had a good time volunteering for the Chicago Architecture Foundation in the Loop (I will happily hang out in a historic building for a few hours, who are we kidding?). I’ll be sharing more on my blog in the coming weeks, but until then you can see some of my pictures via and of course, on my Instagram.


West Hartford, Connecticut (top photo).

All photos in this post are courtesy of Deb Cohen and the Front Door Project. Thanks, Deb!



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