Modern Theater, Moderne Style


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The Varsity Theater in downtown Davis, California, is a Streamline Moderne beauty. The Streamline Moderne style was forward-thinking and futuristic, a relation of Art Deco and dominated by sleek lines and streamlined decorative elements. Throughout history, theaters have often been interested in cutting edge technology and eye-catching architecture. The iconic marquee of the Chicago Theater, for example, remains one of Chicago’s most iconic signs. The newest in architecture no doubt spoke to their cutting edge movie technology.

The current Varsity Theater was built in 1949 (see some early photographs of the theater here! The lobby was amazing haha). In the grand opening ads, the Varsity was advertised as a “new, ultra modern” theater “cooled by refrigeration.” In the often warm Sacramento valley, these advertisements still entice.

The Varsity was narrowly spared demolition in 1992 when it was converted into a theater with added stage. Luckily, in 2006 the Varsity reopened as a movie theater and it continues to serve downtown Davis, today.






IMG_8718Sources and Further Reading:

The Davis Varsity Theater website has their own history page.

Interested in America’s historic movie theaters? See this Slate article, America’s Vanishing Historic Movie Theaters.

Davis has a number of historic buildings, including the train station, which I wrote about here. This is a nice list of some of the other historic buildings in the area.




6 thoughts on “Modern Theater, Moderne Style

  1. What a gem of a theater — I’m so glad it escaped the wrecking ball! And I love your new “Explore” page as well (my goodness, you’ve gotten around …). Wonderful post, Susie.


  2. Oooh I like the Explore page too. Good for international visitors I think. Good job because I know how long that takes to put together. I know someone going to the states soon so I might send the link to them. Your posts are not appearing in my reader, not sure why, it’s happening with other blogs too …. Louise


    1. Thanks so much, Louise! I had fun pulling together the Explore page and look forward to updating it. Also thanks for the note on the reader… hopefully WordPress sorts it out soon!

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