Views of Milwaukee’s North Point


I recently went on a day trip to Milwaukee. Wisconsin is the perfect destination for day trips from Chicago–the rolling hills and beautiful countryside are a nice antidote to the city. I had never, however, been to the city of Milwaukee and was excited to explore. Milwaukee sits on a broad bay on Lake Michigan’s western shore and offers all the history and culture you could want from a town of its size.

The North Point neighborhood is located on the north end of Milwaukee Bay. It features not just a light house (North Point Light) within an Olmsted-designed park, but a castle-like water tower that calls to mind Chicago’s own water tower.  The North Point neighborhood is historically British, including primarily immigrants from New England, for whom it gained the name Yankee Hill. However, German, Irish, Czech, and other European immigrants moved to North Point as they found success in local industries. North Point Light was constructed in 1855 and the nearby water tower, encased in limestone, was built in 1871. The Frederick C. Bogk House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, was built in the neighborhood in 1917.

Today, a round up of photos from the North Point neighborhood of Milwaukee. There were so many styles! Do you have a favorite?









Sources and Further Reading:

Interested in the North Point neighborhood? Check out this essay.

Urban Milwaukee on the Frederick C. Bogk House.

The City of Milwaukee on the North Point Water Tower.

The official website of North Point Lighthouse (includes a museum and events!).




9 thoughts on “Views of Milwaukee’s North Point

    1. Oh good choice, I love that one! It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and despite being so different from the other houses it fit into the neighborhood seamlessly. Definitely more modest and inward-focusing than many of these houses. I bet the interior is beautiful.


  1. Gosh, Susie … you’re not kidding about “so many styles”! They’re all so beautiful I can’t pick a favorite — though it would be mighty cool to live in a lighthouse. 🙂


    1. I love it! I’m now amazed that I haven’t seen any lighthouse reuse, especially given all the adapted churches and one room schools. Maybe because lighthouses are in tricky locations? It would be such a cool type of building to live in!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I suppose lighthouses really would be a niche sort of market for people who enjoy “nine-story living,” LOL. Still, it would be worth it to me to have the bathroom and the kitchen on a different floor than the bedroom and living room just for that view.


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