Frank Lloyd Wright: New UNESCO World Heritage Site

This weekend, a selection Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings joined the Unesco World Heritage List. The listing, named the 20th-Century Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, includes eight buildings across the United States:

I am excited to see so many of my favorites on this list (and I can’t wait to visit the ones I haven’t!). Have you visited any? Which are on your bucket list?

I’ve written about a few of these places, check it out:

Unity Temple

Robie House

Taliesin (Spring Green, WI)

Also: Five Things to Like About Frank Lloyd Wright

Read more about the Unesco listing:

From the New York Times: “Unesco Adds Frank Lloyd Wright’s Architecture to World Heritage List”

From Curbed: “Frank Lloyd Wright buildings named UNESCO World Heritage sites”

From the Dwell: “8 Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings Inducted Into the UNESCO World Heritage List”

The Chicago Tribune: “8 Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, including Chicago’s Robie House and Oak Park’s Unity Temple, named to World Heritage List”

The Robie House (also top photo)

2 thoughts on “Frank Lloyd Wright: New UNESCO World Heritage Site

    1. I did, such an interesting story! Wright’s efforts to design affordable houses are fascinating. Also so cool that he would take on projects of that size after designing buildings like Fallingwater. Say what you want about him but he was not averse to a good challenge!


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