Hello! My name is Susie Trexler and I am a historic preservationist and urban planner based in Chicago, Illinois. How did I end up in historic preservation? I got my bachelor’s in History at the beautiful Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, and my Master’s in Historic Preservation at the University of Oregon in Eugene. I am currently a historic preservation urban planner, where I work daily with historic buildings, historic districts, and local community members.

My favorite parts of history are the parts we can interact with and the parts that are on-going: architecture and spaces can tell us an incredible amount, whether they were built centuries ago or are just in the planning stages. I like to share places I’ve discovered, things I’ve learned, and anything that strikes my interest in relation to spaces, architecture, and history. Feel free to follow along as I discover new places or explore where I’ve been!

Learn more about things I’ve done around the web on my Media page. Want to get in touch? Head over to my Contact page. You can also follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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