Vikingsholm: Tahoe’s Piece of Scandinavia

  Tucked close to the water between steep granite slopes and the azure water of Lake Tahoe is a 1929 Scandinavian estate known as Vikingsholm. The wood and stone castle-like summer home was commissioned by millionaire Lora Josephine Knight. The estate sits within Tahoe’s picturesque Emerald Bay, which reminded Knight of the Scandinavian fjords. Although… Read More Vikingsholm: Tahoe’s Piece of Scandinavia

Thinking Outside the Box(office): the Geodesic Domed Pioneer Theater

Domes and circles seem to be everywhere and cutting edge lately. There’s the ring-shaped Apple Park in California, the Amazon bubbles in Seattle, and a recent announcement was just made about a glass dome apartment to be constructed on the top of a Seattle building. But domes aren’t new. In fact, you may be familiar with… Read More Thinking Outside the Box(office): the Geodesic Domed Pioneer Theater

Fire Station Reuse Success: Renton Historical Museum

The Renton Historical Museum just southeast of Seattle is in an eye-catching building that doesn’t look like any museum I’ve seen before. And it’s no wonder: this building, with its Art Moderne curves and three central doors was originally the Renton fire station. Needless to say, even as a fire station, this building is pretty… Read More Fire Station Reuse Success: Renton Historical Museum

Building Feature: the Portland Building

While the Portland Building in downtown Portland, Oregon, has received its fair share of critiques, it is a poster child for the American Post-Modern style and helped define Post-Modern Classicism. It pulls classical details back into architecture unapologetic, though stylized ornamentation. Look no further than the giant ribbons that festoon the building’s upper floors! While… Read More Building Feature: the Portland Building