Oak Park’s Tile Stop Signs

I recently came across one of Oak Park’s tile stop signs and quickly discovered that they are several scattered throughout the village at the ends of alleys. So what’s the story? The signs were likely installed in the 1930s-40s to remind drivers to stop before exiting alleys. As the village does not have right-of-way in… Read More Oak Park’s Tile Stop Signs


Affordable Housing, Milwaukee, and Frank Lloyd Wright

When you think of Frank Lloyd Wright, usually the expensive masterpieces come to mind: Fallingwater, the Guggenheim, and the Robie House (I previously wrote about Robie here and here!). Wright was, however, interested throughout his career in designing affordable architecture for all Americans. Intrigued? Look no further than Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Frank Lloyd Wright collaborated with the… Read More Affordable Housing, Milwaukee, and Frank Lloyd Wright

American City, German Village (Columbus, Ohio)

I visited Ohio over the Presidents’ Day weekend, which was surprisingly fitting: did you know that eight presidents were from Ohio? My first presidential run-in was a comically small plaque at a gas station commemorating Rutherford B. Hayes’ birthplace (don’t worry, I hear they do have something better in the works). Not having been to Columbus… Read More American City, German Village (Columbus, Ohio)