The Nation’s Most Popular Locks

Ballard, once a town populated primarily by Scandinavian fishermen, is now a popular neighborhood in northwest Seattle (I previously wrote about Ballard’s recent boom in popularity here and Ballard’s famous holdout here). Two of Ballard’s defining features are associated with the waterway that separates the neighborhood from the city: the Ballard Bridge and the Ballard Locks. The… Read More The Nation’s Most Popular Locks

Building Feature: Seattle’s Pioneer Building

The Pioneer Building is located at the south end of downtown Seattle in the aptly named Pioneer Square neighborhood. Pioneer Square was once the heart of Seattle and due to the shift of downtown to the north, the neighborhood has retained a number of historic buildings. Several blocks around the Pioneer Building make up the Pioneer Square-Skid… Read More Building Feature: Seattle’s Pioneer Building

Saying Goodbye to the Nuclear Reactor Building

The Nuclear Reactor Building on the University of Washington Campus has been fighting hard for nearly two years, and following a controversial Superior Court ruling in favor of the University, the building’s future is looking bleak. The judge ruled that, as the University is an educational institution, it does not need to comply with Seattle’s… Read More Saying Goodbye to the Nuclear Reactor Building