Art Moderne on State Street


In Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood, just down the street from a historic wood alley, is a rare example of design from another time period: the Art Moderne style Fisher Studio Houses. The building, built in 1936, is an example of pre-World War II modernism and is compromised of 12 residential unites on a interior courtyard. The residences are in one line and perpendicular to the street to fit on a narrow lot; a different take on the classic Courtyard Apartment layout so common in Chicago.

The building was commissioned by Frank Fisher, Jr., an executive of Marshall Field & Co, and was designed by architect Andrew Rebori. Its curved walls, glass block, and streamlined horizontals are all characteristic of the Art Moderne style; it also features unique handcrafted ornamentation designed by artist Edgar Miller. The building was designated a Chicago landmark in 1996.









Sources and Further Reading:

Only residents can enter into the courtyard but if you’re curious what it looks like inside, check out this listing captured by Curbed. (SO GOOD.)

The Fisher Studio Houses on the Chicago Landmarks page.

Read more about artist Edgar Miller on the Edgar Miller Legacy website.




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