Photos from Coupeville, WA.

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I collaborated with local Chicago artist Phil Thompson of Capehorn Illustration to write a blog on the Classic Chicago Three-Flat (check out more of his Chicago work here and his Instagram here).

I collaborated with Will Quam, local Chicagoan and creator of Brick of Chicago, on a post showcasing some of Chicago’s varied bricks (you can also visit his website here).

A collaboration with Cristiana Corrao of Nowhere Nevada brought a blog feature on Hard Luck Castle in Nevada.

Deb Cohen, from The Front Door Project, and I collaborated on a blog featuring front doors in Connecticut. Check it out: Front Doors of Fall.

I collaborated with local Seattle artist Amy Douglas and shared some of her pieces in a blog article, Preservation Meets Art.

Social Media:

I worked with during Open House Chicago 2017 to develop Instagram content in association with their self-guided walking tour.

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The Secret Knowledge of Spaces was featured on WordPress Discover in 2017.

Featured on the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s 10 Preservation Instagrammers You Should Follow.

Around the Web:

I am a contributor to Atlas Obscura

Five Ways to Appreciate Chicago’s Historic Buildings (with a Thanksgiving flair), written for Chicago Detours

Preserving Neighborhood History in a Growing City, written for the American Association for State and Local History

I’ve written a number of pieces for the Adventures in Preservation blog “Preservation Journey” including:


Print by Amy Douglas