Tampa’s Historic Bayshore Boulevard

I spent the last few weeks traveling around Florida and I was excited to find so many cool places, from stunning historic buildings to white sandy beaches. By far one of my favorite spots in Tampa was Bayshore Boulevard. Located in south Tampa on the water, the boulevard features a linear park with a beautiful historic balustrade along the seawall.


The idea of the park began with the development of a suburb and trolly car system in 1891-1893, 3 miles south of what was then Tampa. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) is responsible for many upgrades between 1934 and 1939, including the construction of the long white balustrade, now emblematic of the park.

The balustrade is an eye-catching piece of the park and was recently redone (catch a glimpse of it pre-renovation here). Not only is Bayshore Boulevard an enjoyable walk in its own right, but the Hyde Park neighborhood is full of beautiful old houses, included many listed on the National Register of Historic Places. I visited following a heavy rainstorm, and despite the giant puddles and setting sun, I kept walking further. The changing views and colorful sunset were a dreamy scene.


Sources and further reading:

City of Tampa, Bayshore Linear Park Trail

The Cultural Landscape Foundation on Bayshore Boulevard (includes a brief history and a photo of the balustrade pre-renovation).

Curious about the neighborhood? I visited the area a few times during my stay and posted pictures of some of the houses on my Instagram. This one was my favorite!







12 thoughts on “Tampa’s Historic Bayshore Boulevard

  1. The photos bring back memories of Singapore’s East Coast park (ECP) along the waterside. i used to love walking , cycling or just gazing at the sunrise from the jetty there.


  2. […] Historic preservation has taught me that history and stories are everywhere, if you look close enough. Historic preservation isn’t limited to buildings! It is sometimes the other features that intrigue the most. The beautiful balustrade on Tampa’s Bayshore Boulevard, for example. It’s much more than just a pretty railing. (Read more: Tampa’s Historic Bayshore Boulevard.) […]


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