Best of 2017

Happy New Year’s Eve! Before we jump into 2018, I wanted to a round-up of the best of 2017. It was a big year–I moved from Seattle to Chicago and visited over a dozen different states! Here, my top five favorites of the year, followed by your five favorites (got any specific favorites? I’d love to hear!). Read on:

1. I moved from a Puget Sound adjacent neighborhood in Seattle to a Lake Michigan adjacent neighborhood in Chicago (am I fond of water? Yes). Check out The Best of Ballard for my old neighborhood favorites!

Ballard, Seattle, WA

2. One benefit of Chicago is being so close to the East Coast. I had fun getting back to Vermont this fall (I worked there after I graduated college!) and look forward to more trips. Check out my two Vermont posts: Views of Vermont and Covered Bridges.

Woodstock, VT

3. I was lucky to visit Florida this February! Favorite spots in Tampa? The Tampa Hotel and the Bayshore Boulevard.

Tampa, FL

4. One of my favorite places to explore from Seattle is the islands of Puget Sound. One of them? Whidbey Island. I compiled a little photo essay, Coupeville: Whidbey Island’s History Through Architecture.

Coupeville, Whidbey Island, WA

5. I spent some time back in Nevada (Home Means Nevada!). I enjoyed rediscovering some of the buildings I grew up with in a new light. Check out: The Building That Reached for the Stars and Thinking Outside the Box(office).

Reno, NV

So what were the reader favorites? By the numbers:

  1. Exploring Suburbia’s Roots: Riverside, Illinois (got so much local feedback on this one, I loved it!)
  2. If You Ask Frank Lloyd Wright for Tudor Revival
  3. The Motels of the Great American Road Trip (also a favorite of mine!)
  4. The Best of Ballard (and Big News!)
  5. Chicago’s Wood Alleys (you guys have good taste)

I love taking pictures of architecture everywhere I travel, and I was excited to see the diversity of locations that appeared in my top ten Instagrams this year! (Check out my Instagram here.)


Locations, left to right and top to bottom: Riverside, IL; Chicago, IL; Portland, OR; Oak Park, IL; Oak Park, IL; Seattle, WA; Tampa, FL; Oak Park, IL; Coupeville, WA.

IMG_4849 (4)
Winnemucca, NV

Thanks for following along and happy new year!

What was I up to last year? Check out the Best of 2016 here.

FullSizeRender 17
Emerald Bay, CA

5 thoughts on “Best of 2017

  1. Thanks so much for all your wonderful posts, Susie! I was very interested in your blog’s top-five and I am glad that Ballard in Seattle made it in there. Downtown Seattle is doing well and was beautiful at Christmastime. The F5 Tower is not finished yet and the hotel deal fell through. I suppose that another hotel will eventually get the contract.

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